Custom Favors

At Lolablue, we can create a custom eco-friendly favors to match any theme or color scheme. Handmade with big love!


Includes custom designed label & tag. Lolablue candle scent of your choice. Organza bag.

Our candles are: 100% organic soy botanical wax. Biodegradable. Phthalate-free.
Eco-friendly. Toxic colorant-free. Unbleached cotton-cored wicks.
Burn 3x times longer than paraffin wax. Supports American Farmers.
Makes a beautiful favor that can be used and enjoyed.

At Lolablue, we believe angels are attracted to candlelight.
May our candles send you love, peace & abundance! .

Quanity: 0-75 - $3.75 each.
Quanity: 75-300 - $3.50 each.
Quanity: 300+ - $3.25 each.

To inquire about custom favors, please email or call us.
Office: 941.564.9207