Benefits: 100% soy wax


• Earth-friendly, biodegradable & a renewable resource.
• Free from pesticides & herbicides.
• Non-toxic, does NOT release carcinogens.
• Burns 3 times longer than reg. paraffin wax candles.
• Burns clean leaving little to NO SOOT on furniture, walls, air ducts in your home.
• Contains NO paraffin or petroleum.
• Clean up with soap & HOT water.
• Promotes the care & growth of the environment by using plants.
• Supports American Farmers.

When we use soy candles we are giving back to natural clean air,
free from soot and petroleum toxins. Soy is truly a gift from nature.


It’s a fact that paraffin candles release far more soot (black smoke) when burning. This soot contains 11 known toxins of which 2 are carcinogenic (toluene & benzene). The same toxins produced by burning diesel fuel. YUCK! Paraffin candles are made from petroleum. Petroleum is one of our non-renewable resources. As we are running out drastic measures are taken to find more. This is not good for the environment. The soot emissions from burning paraffin candles coat ceilings, walls, air ducts and damage your home.


In 1999, EcoSoyaTM received the prestigious Lois Tellefson Award for the development of new techniques and innovations in candle making, given by the International Guild of Candle Artisans. This wax is 100% natural, 100% soybean. Unlike other vegetable or soy waxes on the market, EcoSoyaTM waxes are 100% vegetable, guaranteed! There are no beeswax or petroleum products hidden in it. The soybeans are not treated with pesticides or herbicides. There is no genetically modified material in any of the EcoSoya™ soy candle wax products.
The soybeans are grown in the United States and the minerals that they release in the soil enhance the soil to support another crop the next season. To make the pure soy wax for the soy candles, the soybeans are crushed to produce soybean oil, which is then purified. The soybean oil is hydrogenated and enhanced with botanical oils to create a pure soy wax for candles.

If a candle says its a soy blend it is soy wax mixed with paraffin or another cheaper wax to cut costs. This is not a earth friendly candle.