Essential Oil Soaps

Essential Oil Soaps

Pure nature. Our essential oil soaps are made with certified pure essential oils and natural colorants from mother nature. Be well. Lather up.

Our soaps are palm oil-free, not too many soapmakers can say that. We save the rainforest.

It’s time to raise the bar. #lolabluesoap #saveouroceans
Mindfulness, awareness, cognizance.

What do these words have to do with handcrafted soap? Each year, plastic manufacturing and consumption grows by leaps and bounds as the demand skyrockets for easy to package and single use products skyrockets. In 2015, global plastic consumption was a staggering 448 million tons. There are approximately 9 billion tons of total plastic in the world today. Of that 9 billion plus tons of plastic, 6.9 billion tons are now waste, and over 6 billion tons of that waste has never seen the inside of a recycling bin.

Together we can make a difference.

I pledge to be mindful of the plastic waste I produce, and to make a conscious effort to reduce my impact on our oceans, lakes and rivers by making and consuming bar soap as an alternative to liquid products in single use plastic. I will recycle or repurpose my plastic waste to help protect the world around me.

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Anise Soap
Anise + charcoal: Anise lovers rejoice! Licorice, warm & sweet. The medicinal properties of the ..
Big Top Brewing BEER SOAP
Introducing the first soap in our new line of HOMETOWN HOPS CRAFT BEER SOAPS! CHEERS!! Enjoy..
Lavender Love Soap
Pure Lavender. Light floral, herbaceous, with woody undertones with added lavender buds. Its unique ..
Lemon Lavender Soap
Lemon blended with pure bulgarian lavender essential oil makes this bar a happy little pick me up! ..
Lemongrass Mint Soap
Good morning bar! Pure lemongrass blended with mint for an out of this world, uplifting experience t..
Naked Soap
Lolablue Naked. Unscented. Pure soap. No colorants. No scent. Made with PH adjusted beauty water...
Patchouli Herb Soap
Pure unadulterated patchouli goodness with added pure patchouli herb.   Made with PH adju..
Peppermint TINGLE Soap
WOWZA!!! This bar is a tingle for your jingle. Made with real peppermint essential oil for a refresh..
Rosemary Mint Soap
Indulge your senses. Limited batch.... Rosemary Mint: Healing Invigorating rosemary blended with ..
SOLD OUT Earth Day Soap
Limited batch! Everyday is earth day. This blend was created in honor of our mother earth. Lovely..
Spearmint Lime Soap
Lola's "Mojito for the Shower!" - Cheers! Pure spearmint blended with zesty lime makes this bar a ev..
Tea Tree Charcoal Soap
Tea Tree Charcoal Soap - Double wham-O of super power goodness. Made with activated charcoal &a..
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