Fusion Soaps

Nature + art + inspiration + experiementation + magic = Lolablue Fusion Soaps

These soaps are infused with blends of skin safe top shelf phthalate-free fragrance and/or pure essential oils. For one of a kind combos that will ROCK you & your shower.

Made with PH adjusted beauty water. ALL OF SOAPS ARE PALM OIL-FREE. We do our part to protect the rainforest by choosing not to use palm oil.


It’s time to raise the bar. #lolabluesoap #saveouroceans
Mindfulness, awareness, cognizance.

What do these words have to do with handcrafted soap? Each year, plastic manufacturing and consumption grows by leaps and bounds as the demand skyrockets for easy to package and single use products skyrockets. In 2015, global plastic consumption was a staggering 448 million tons. There are approximately 9 billion tons of total plastic in the world today. Of that 9 billion plus tons of plastic, 6.9 billion tons are now waste, and over 6 billion tons of that waste has never seen the inside of a recycling bin.

Together we can make a difference.

I pledge to be mindful of the plastic waste I produce, and to make a conscious effort to reduce my impact on our oceans, lakes and rivers by making and consuming bar soap as an alternative to liquid products in single use plastic. I will recycle or repurpose my plastic waste to help protect the world around me.

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