SOLD OUT Jumbo Farm Fresh Apple Tart

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Brand: Lolablue
Product Code: SOLD OUT Jumbo Farm Fresh Apple Tart

Introducing our Brand New Fall Scent! The scent you didn't know you needed - but can't live without.

Farm Fresh Apple is a fresh ripe apple picked right from the tree blended with essential oils of cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, clove, orange and cedarwood to create the perfect scent to celebrate the season.

Fill your home with scent without a flame. Great for offices, classrooms, around kids and pets. Our wax formula is organic, biodegradable & made from a renewable resource.
Our tarts are extremely fragrant (phthalate-free) and scent will last & last.

Lolablue Exclusive Formula: After burning let wax tart cool and harden. Tart will pop right out of burner dish. Easy clean up or changing of scent.

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