BARK Roll On Cologne/Perfume Oil

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Brand: Lolablue
Product Code: BARK Roll On Cologne/Perfume Oil

ROLL ON. BE GROOVY. (1) 1/3oz. roll on bottle.

Bark was created in honor of "The Green Man". Spirit/Protector of the forest, lusty fertility god of the woodlands. This is one of our best selling soap scent blends. Customers have asked for years for us to make our BARK in a roll on and here it is.

Lolablue's exclusive blend of patchouli, cedarwood essential oils blended with skin safe phthalate-free fragrance.

alcohol-free. mineral oil-free. phthalate-free. Ingredients: jojoba oil, vitamin e, skin safe phthalate-free fragrance and/or essential oils, LOVE.

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