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Hand-crafted North Port, Florida

Lather Up + Vibe High.

Self Care is how we take our power back. Clean + Mindful ingredients go into all our products + a lot of LOVE.

  • Summer Groove Soap - Limited Edition
    Summer Groove Soap - Limited Edition
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  • Dark & Dirty Soap
    Dark & Dirty Soap
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  • Siesta Key Beach Soap
    Siesta Key Beach Soap
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  • Dirty Mama Soap - Limited Edition
    Dirty Mama Soap - Limited Edition
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  • We hope our products bring you peace.

  • Find our soaps in 30 Florida Whole Foods Markets.

We hope our products bring you peace.

Find our soaps in 30 Florida Whole Foods Markets.


Lolablue Headquarters + Manufacturing Studio

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11am-5pm
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Address: 2525 Bobcat Village Center Rd. North Port, FL 34288

Suite 103 - Retail Store

Suite 102 - Manufacturing Studio (closed to public)

Phone: 941.564.9207 ext. 1

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Customer Love Notes

Best deodorant I have found. It lasts all day without having to reapply. The stuff I was using before I had to reapply a minimum of twice a day, not to mention it made my clothes a mess. This stuff is fantastic! No mess. No smell. 

Angie - Florida

I have tried every deodorant available and this is the ONLY product that has helped control odor and sweat rings! I have been extremely self-conscious about my sweating and have made sure to keep deodorant with me at all times. The ultimate test came when my son was in a 2 day soccer tournament. It was hot, humid and stressful and I never broke a sweat! I will never be without 4 Theives deodorant...EVER!! All I can say is LOLABLUE is a lifesaver... THANK YOU!

Stephanie, North Port, FL

For years I have tried all bug sprays on the market and nothing has worked! It was suggested to me that I try your natural bug spray. I ordered two a few weeks ago and today have placed a second order. This spray is fantastic!!!! It even prevents me from getting spider bites! It is the perfect size to fit in a handbag and I take it with me everywhere I go. Thank you, thank you for this fabulous product.


My 4 year old son used to come home with bug bites from being outside at school. His legs were covered in bites by time he got home. We now use the natural bug spray and he has no bites at all. The best part is, he can put it on himself and I don't worry about the ingredients being harmful. Awesome product and I recommend it to everyone!

Kathy - Englewood, FL

'm not a fan of putting unknown chemicals on my skin. I love that this bug spray not only smells great but works even better. I took two bottles with me to Colorado this summer. I bought one for my daughter who lives there to keep and one for me to use while I was there. We went to visit my sister in law while there and my poor nephew came home from farm camp and was eaten alive. My bottle of Armour now lives with him :)

Debbie A. - North Port, FL

I am not a Patchouli at all. It always seemed so darn strong. However, since it is fused with the raspberry I am now hooked! One of my new Faves!! Raspberry Patchouli!

Marcie - Sarasota, FL

Bought the Cove Patchouli Mint a couple years ago. I love the fragrance. Not heavy, light mist. One or two pumps is all it takes to freshen the air for a long time. If the room is quite airy, then the fragrance will last a shorter time. I spray over my carpet to hold the scent longer.

Sherrie - Chicago

I love the smell of this vanilla grapefruit candle! It's such a unique mix of fresh (grapefruit) and warm (vanilla). Perfect for any room in your home!


This is soap net a must have for those who like a serious lather! It will exfoliate your body and also lengthen the life of your soap by keeping it dry when not in use!

Christine - Brooklyn, NY