Clear Skies Mala - Blue Lace Agate - (Not for wholesale)

Clear Skies Mala - Blue Lace Agate - (Not for wholesale)

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Proud to share these with our community from Kuratif Mala.

Blue Lace Agate milky blue hues draw from the clarity of the sky and the cleansing of water. It is known for its stress-relief properties helping calm the mind and become an emotional healer, allowing us to live in peace and gratitude. 

108 beads| 6 mm stones | hangs at approx 19inch long

About Kuratif: Created by two sisters and best friends. Who are complete opposites but believe strongly in one common thing: Nature is healing. Together they began designing Mala Necklaces and bracelets sourcing high-quality crystals and clearing them of all energies under the full moon.

Meaning- Kuratif translates to curative or healing in Indonesian.

Sourcing- We have a commitment to source fair trade authentic non-synthetic or dyed high-quality stones and crystals.

Mission- To design beautiful jewelry and make it affordable so more people can benefit from the healing properties of nature.

Made with Love- Our products are handmade in Bali or Lithuania